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9 Principles of Expectation Theory1. Expectation Theory:           Your fundamental beliefs determine your success.
2. Release Your Past Beliefs.           The beliefs you hold are a direct result of your thinking.
3. Respond Outside the Circle.           Over-respond instead of over-react.

4. Build a Super-Reserve of Energy.           Change your physical state.
5. Create a Value-Added Experience.           1st impressions are the most important.


Stress BustersTechnique: Heart Relaxer

Every half hour or so, if you're having a hectic day, drop your jaw suddenly.As you do that, breathe, shrug your shoulders, and rotate them fully-- relaxing all the muscles in the backs of your shoulders.
Technique: Baroque Music
Set your station to Baroque music (Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Handel, Telemann, Correlli, etc), it is the most effective at reducing stress.