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How to Stay Younger Longer

Staying Young = The Pursuit of Healthy Lifestyle Choices
While there's no stopping time, there's plenty you can do to foil the aging process. How well you age depends largely on your lifestyle. Your chronological age doesn't necessarily correlate with how old your body thinks it is. According to Michael Roizen, coauthor of YOU: Staying Young, "there are about 191 things that go into calculating your real age and 149 of those things are within your control to change." You can, for example, quit smoking cultivate strong social support, receive regular chiropractic care to insure a healthy immune system, get regular exercise and eat right. Regardless of your lifestyle up until this point, making healthful changes today can turn back the clock- or at least slow it down. 
When eating healthy and proper exercise are added to a healthy lifestyle, research show that you may wind up lowering excess blood sugar levels, even if you're not diabetic. This is turn, could hel…


"In my own research (and much done before my time), has shown that the germ theory of disease does not tell the whole story. I came to the conclusion that germs do no initiate a diseased state of the body but appear later when a person becomes ill." - Alice Lorraine Smith (contemporary Microbiologist)

At our office we often get calls with someone saying they can't come in because they are sick and they don't want us to get it.

Well, this Chiro Thot is here to clear up any confusion. First thing- we WANT you to get adjusted also when you aren't feeling well. The adjustments will help you get better faster by boosting your immune system. The second thing is, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN THE GERM THEORY! 

What is the Germ Theory? It says that if you are exposed to a specific germ, bacteria or virus, you will get sick from it. Why don't we buy it? Because we work with lots of patients all week with many types of germs and viruses and WE DON'T GET SICK!

Rather than…