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No Matter

But I feel fine... No matter how you feel
But I eat well... No matter what you eat
But I take vitamins... No matter what vitamins you take
But I exercise regularly... No mater what exercise you do
But I meditate.. No matter how often you meditate
But I get plenty of rest... No matter how much you rest
But I do yoga... No matter how much yoga you do
But I have this disease... No matter what you've been told
But I have this treatment.. No matter what your treatment is
But I don't have time... No matter how busy you are

NO MATTER what else you do...

... If the messages from your brain DO NOT properly reach each and every cell in your body, you will never be all that you could be physically, mentally and spiritually.

Chiropractors are dedicated to correcting the most serious and common cause of such interference- the spinal SUBLUXATION.


Chiropractic Care can help you!

Charlotte- From your immune system to your vision, hearing and digestive track, chiropractic care can help you. Michelle Rook, a student who has suffered from hip pain and migraines for years, turned to this type of care help. "The alignments I have had have fixed my problems and now I've been able to join the swim team at my school and be more athletic," said Rock, who complained of never having been able to run and do sports because of the pain. Dr. Chris DeGeorge, with Upper Cervical Health Centers of America, says the head shifting off the center of the top of the neck can affect the immune system, among other things. He adjusts the top two vertebrae, the atlas and axis, which are especially vulnerable to injury or misalignment. "If the body is functioning properly, the body has the ability to ward off most germs and illness," he said.

Here at the Chiropractic Life Center, Dr. Condon adjusts you to get you out of pain, and ev…