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Don't Mess With Mother Nature!
Researchers at the University of Maryland have publicly stated what chiropractors and other drug-free, vitalistic healers have been saying for a long time:
Taking Aspirin or Tylenol for the flu actually could prolong your illness by up to 3 1/2 days. Fever is the body's natural way of fighting an infection and taking Aspirin or Tylenol interferes with your body's natural healing process. "You're messing with Mother Nature," says Dr. Leland Rickman, an associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. An elevated temperature "may actually help the body fight the infection quicker or better than if you don't have a fever." The Maryland researchers found that Influenza A sufferers who were treated with Aspirin or acetaminophen may prolong Influenza A and possibly other viral infections according to researchers. 
Pharmacotherapy, December 2000; 20: 1417-1422
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Top Ten Causes of Spinal Misalignment
1. A difficult delivery at birth - affecting the spine for the rest of life. 2. Children falling while learning to walk, and while playing during the critical growing years 3. Poor posture or improper sleeping position 4. A slip or fall at any age, or any type of sports injury 5. A motor vehicle accident-- causing shock or injury 6. Using the same body position or movement repetitively at work or play 7. Emotional stress, trauma, or anxiety 8. Inadequate exercise, improper body movement, excess body weight 9. Lack of sufficient sleep or relaxation, excessive workload or exhaustion 10. Incorrect lifting practices, or the improper carrying of heavy loads


This Christmas... Mend a quarrel, Seek out a forgotten friend,
Share some treasure, Give a soft answer,
Encourage youth, Keep a promise, Find the time,


Antidepressant Use Rising Among Kids
A November 18, 2004 Reuters News story with the above headline starts off by noting that according to a new study doctors are prescribing more antidepressants for children and adolescents although there is little evidence about their safety or efficacy in youngsters.

Dr. Ian Wong of the Centre for Pediatric Pharmacy Research at the University of London was one of the several researchers who conducted the study. They compared prescribing trends in Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico by using information from an international database that contains a representative sample of medical practitioners in each country. Dr. Wong noted that Britain had the highest rate of increase with 68 percent while Germany. with thirteen percent, had the lowest. He commented, "The number of prescriptions in different countries for children with mental illness is increasing."

Take A Deep Breath

Want to boost your health? Here's a simple solution: Take a breath. Your lungs are larger at the bottom than the top, but most Americans are "top breathers." We live in a shallow breaths common to the sick and sleeping.

Learn to breathe from the gut. You know you are breathing correctly--from your diaphragm-- if you see your stomach move in and out. if the only thing that moves or expands is your chest, then you are still taking only shallow breaths.

Deep breathing literally massages and moves the soft internal organs inside your rib cage, allowing your lymphatic system to rid itself of collected toxins. Only deep breathing allows you to tap this bonus power in your lower lungs. Singers, stage performers, broadcast announcers, and professional athletes pay great sums to voice and dialogue coaches to learn how to breathe and project through diaphragm breathing. With some practice, you too can take advantage of your lungs' full power.

Breathing lessons
To get started, si…


Recipe For A Stronger Immune System: 1. Get chiropractic adjustments daily to weekly to increase the immune system by 300%2. Take each of the following for 10 days at a time, followed by the next on the list.Olive leaf extract Elderberry extractEchinaceaColloidal silverAstragalus rootZincActivated charcoal Honey, vinegar, cayenne in water all dayLemon juice in water all dayFood grade Diatomaceous earth (1T in liquid/day)Oil of oreganoEach one strengthens a different aspect of the immune system, and 10 days is enough of each one at a time. You may repeat this list as many times as you like. 


The average American consumes 31 teaspoons per day! Here's what it does to your body: Blocks serotonin (needed for proper sleep)Uses up valuable vitamins and minerals (Vitamins B&C, Calcium, etc.)Causes a dramatic rise and fall of insulin levels Leads to poor dental healthIncreases the risk for heart diseaseMay contribute to ADHD in 20% of childrenLowers zinc levels which may contribute to learning disabilities (and sexual dysfunction)Ferments in the intestines preventing a good immune responseIncreases inflammationIncreases insulin levelsH.Pylori attacks when the stomach is lined with the wrong sugarGall stones indicate that you are making too much insulinExcess insulin irritates the artery walls causing them to go into spasm which can result in high blood pressure