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Top 10 Ways to Increase your Energy!

Wake up at the same time everyday. Sleeping in can throw off your internal rhythm.Eat a large, healthy, whole-food breakfast each day.Walk briskly outside for 30 minutes/day. Take a 20 minute napSnack on healthy snacks regularly throughout the day.Talk "as if". Speak with an up-tone voice and say words like "great" and "fantastic." It really helps! In addition, hang out with positive people.Find someone who can really talk to about your issues- either a friend or a therapist.Avoid energy drinks and anything else with caffeine. Caffeine depletes the adrenals, causing chronic low energy. Instead, go for some alkaline, antioxidant water!Supplement your diet with organic, whole foods supplements- Greens mix, Essential Fatty Acids, and Coral Minerals. For an extra 3pm boost, try our Chlorella, and liquid B vitamins. Get adjusted by your chiropractor! It will ease your pain, release endorphins (feel-good chemicals), and give you a boost of energy.

The Healing Power of Food

The saying "we are what we eat" is more true than what most realize. We can either harm or heal our bodies but what we put inside of us. We have listed some of our favorite foods & how we use them to heal our bodies!
Almonds- invigorate the nervous system and reduce cholesterolOats- balance the nervous system and reduce cholesterolWalnuts- provide energy to the heartAvocado- lowers cholesterol and fights anemiaStrawberries- is the most antioxidant fruitLemon- cleanses and regenerates the bloodRed Beets- combats anemiaOnion- is effective against bronchitis and asthmaFigs- soothe the bronchial passages and invigorate the body Papaya- activates the digestive processArtichoke- detoxifies the liverPineapple- is the stomach's friendCabbage- heals ulcersPomegranate- reduces intestinal inflammation and enriches the bloodMango- nourishes the skin and protects the arteriesKiwi- increases resistance and prevents anemia
For a closer look at the benefits of food and a more extensi…