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"A mental formula that works"

On going to bed, relieve yourself of the day's problems and accept the last thoughts you have at night as the thoughts you want to ring through your subconscious mind all night.

Say to yourself:

"My nerves are strong and calm. I fell in harmony with myself...with the universe... and with everything around me. I am rich with inner powers that give me harmony, security and serenity... No one nothing can separate me from unity with my Higher Power which protects me from all evils, which makes me invincible."

-Dr. Bernard Jensen, teacher of right living

Foods and Their Healing Power

Almonds- invigorate the nervous system and reduce cholesterolOats- balance the nervous system and reduces cholesterolWalnuts- provide energy to the heartAvocado- lowers cholesterol and fights anemiaStrawberry- is the most antioxidant fruitLemon- cleanses and regenerates the bloodRed Beet- combats anemiaOnion- is effective against bronchitis and asthmaFigs- soothe the bronchial passages and invigorates the bodyPapaya- activates the digestive processArtichoke-detoxifies the liverPineapple- is the stomach's friendCabbage-heals ulcersPomegranate- reduces intestinal inflammation and enriches the bloodMango- nourishes the skin and protects the arteriesKiwi- increases resistance and prevents anemia

*Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power by Education and Health Library

Genius at Work

Did you ever stop to think that you are a genius?
You may not have always viewed yourself as a genius, but you really are one! Everyday you do things that the smartest scientists cannot do. Do you realize that your heart pumps 2,100 gallons of blood through 62,000 miles of blood vessels everyday? Every second 8,000,000 red blood cells are produced. Forty-five miles of nerves send impulses as rapidly as 325 miles per hour. You breathe one pint of air 17 times a minute; about 78 million gallons are taken in during the average life span, enough to fill the Hindenburgh airship once and a half times. The brain, a three pound organ, stores 100 trillion bits of information over the course of 70 years, equal to 500,000 set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which if stacked up would reach 442 miles high. 

You do these things and millions of other things because there is a genius inside you. This genius that is inside of you is called your innate intelligence. This incredible creative wisdom that …