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Recipe For A Stronger Immune System: 1. Get chiropractic adjustments daily to weekly to increase the immune system by 300%2. Take each of the following for 10 days at a time, followed by the next on the list.Olive leaf extract Elderberry extractEchinaceaColloidal silverAstragalus rootZincActivated charcoal Honey, vinegar, cayenne in water all dayLemon juice in water all dayFood grade Diatomaceous earth (1T in liquid/day)Oil of oreganoEach one strengthens a different aspect of the immune system, and 10 days is enough of each one at a time. You may repeat this list as many times as you like. 


The average American consumes 31 teaspoons per day! Here's what it does to your body: Blocks serotonin (needed for proper sleep)Uses up valuable vitamins and minerals (Vitamins B&C, Calcium, etc.)Causes a dramatic rise and fall of insulin levels Leads to poor dental healthIncreases the risk for heart diseaseMay contribute to ADHD in 20% of childrenLowers zinc levels which may contribute to learning disabilities (and sexual dysfunction)Ferments in the intestines preventing a good immune responseIncreases inflammationIncreases insulin levelsH.Pylori attacks when the stomach is lined with the wrong sugarGall stones indicate that you are making too much insulinExcess insulin irritates the artery walls causing them to go into spasm which can result in high blood pressure

The Antibiotic and Asthma Link

The Antibiotic and Asthma Link  When scientists at the university of British Columbia analyzed data from eight studies on antibiotics and asthma, they found that children who received even one dose of antibiotics within their first 12 months had double the risk of developing asthma later on. Each additional dose upped the possibility by 16 percent. 
The researchers theorize that use of these drugs decreases natural exposure to germs and overstimulates the immune system's response to allergens, which may lead to asthma.
"There are a lot of childhood viral infections such as bronchitis that are being over-treated with antibiotics. This study is more evidence that antibiotics should be used only when necessary," says lead study author Carlo Marra, PhD.