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With every act of kindness, I send a lifeline of love to someone.

What does being kind really mean? I know what kindness feels like when I receive it from a friend who is gentle with my emotions and thoughtful of my feelings. Then I know I have experienced the kindness of someone who has reverence for life.

What a delight it is to lovingly hold a newborn baby in my arms. As its tiny hands wraps around my finger, I have an understanding of the baby's simple, yet fragile needs. This is how it feels to be kind.

With joy, I discover ways to act with care and compassion toward others-- creating a lifeline of love in action that connects from one to yet another.

Kindness is love in motion, given and received in appreciation for all creation.

-taken from Unity Daily Word

Kindness is... a chiropractic adjustment that releases you to your optimal state of health and well-being!

B.J. Palmer on Innate Intelligence

The greatest service we can render the world, is to arouse within yourself a realization of greater Innate within each of you, that Innate may come forth from dark recesses of your understanding of yourself into and become guiding light of YOUR life. Once YOU grasp this, received, you will pass this on to all you contact. If you do this, your and our life will have been enriched knowing the human race has been bettered for our having lived.

What is the mission of Universal Intelligence? To build this world, to keep it built; to rebuild it when it dies; to keep this world constantly shaping to its highest idealized form. To make, create, or individualize itself into innate Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence is a sunbeam, a ray of life from the sum total of a lights or sum total of senses. To draw upon the limitless resources and powers of the Innate Intelligence within and awaken it into action, you must first be sure the channels of inter-communication are open. If they are, you will h…